Symptoms of throat cancer you need to know

Throat cancer occurs not only due to Smoking. This malignant tumor that appears in the throat or larynx, may be related to excessive sun exposure or human papilloma virus (HPV).

This type of cancer primarily affects people older than 50 years.

With increasing life expectancy and the growing incidence of cancer of the throat. Often this disease happens in men.

It is important to know its early symptoms and keep in mind that what seems “simple” herpes, sores, inflamed throat, could be one of the signs of dangerous diseases.

Many believe that throat cancer happens only to smokers, but it is not. Contracting this disease can and non-smokers.

It is important to know about its early symptoms, which will help to detect the disease in its early stage.

In most cases, throat cancer or larynx develops in the form of carcinoma.

This seal on the mucosal surface (of skin) covered with thin flat scales. That is, they are not very similar to simple sores.

People with weak immune systems, who are used to infections of the oral cavity, sores in mouth and bleeding gums, often perceive the symptoms of throat cancer, larynx as their usual “sore”.

But the doctor during examination of the oral cavity can detect these symptoms.

Then, a biopsy that gives a precise answer to the question — is this kind of cancer or not.

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Will learn more about its main symptoms.

Changes in the oral cavity

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At an early stage of throat cancer in the mouth appear small ulcers that do not heal.

In language, gums and even your lips appear reddish or white spots.

Any unusual changes in the mouth that do not disappear within a few days, you need to discuss with your doctor.

The pain, which will eventually become stronger

As a rule, in this disease are pain while chewing and swallowing. If the patient has dentures, he notices that they begin to cause pain, the gums begin to bleed.

Say the same it hurts.

It hurts to move my tongue and even to touch the jaw.

The pain may appear in the ears.

Feeling a lump in my throat

If hard to swallow, feels burning sensation in the tonsils and when you cough, sometimes coughing up blood, in any case can not leave these symptoms unattended.

Often these symptoms are not associated with any serious disease, and the tumor — if it appeared in the larynx can be benign.

But in any case, it is important to establish the diagnosis, so we need to take seriously these symptoms.

Weight loss, for which no particular reason

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Cancers usually cause weight loss. For throat cancer patients often cease to experience hunger, and they often can’t chew.

In addition, a highly attenuated immune defense of the body, this is also the person loses weight.

Can you prevent throat cancer?

We have repeatedly written about the fact that no one disease can not be prevented 100%.

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But if you prevent the disease is not managed, it is possible to some extent to control its development, to slow it down and reduce symptoms.

This type of cancer is associated with various factors:


The use of alcohol.

The human papillomavirus (HPV). A variation of this virus associated with the development of cancer of the throat and larynx — ВПЧ16 (VPH16).

Ultraviolet irradiation. Lip cancer, for example, often happens in people working outdoors and receive large doses of solar radiation.

An unbalanced diet and a weak immune system.

Genetic diseases such as Fanconi anemia.

Knowing these risk factors and taking appropriate measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of disease.

For this you need to quit Smoking, varied and balanced way to eat to use sunscreen for skin and lips.

And it is important not to succumb to fear. For example, don’t be afraid to ask cancer doctor to get tested.

We need to take necessary precautions and to always remember that care of your health should not be put off.


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