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 Symbol of this holiday

Black caviar – a symbol of wealth, prosperity and, of course, a luxurious element on the table. The oldest written mention of black caviar dates back to the 13th century, and it tells how Batu Khan ate this delicacy. According to legend, when he saw only black caviar and a baked apple on the table, Batu cut the apple and smeared caviar on it. This is how the dish appeared, which went down in history as the “Pearl of Kings”.
A real pearl of a particularly exquisite table, black caviar is mined in China, the USA, Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and other countries. Israel joined this clan of exporters in 2008.

Israeli company “Kaviar ha-Galil” opened in 1992, building a sturgeon farm in the Upper Galilee, close to the main tributary of the Jordan River, carrying crystal clear ice water from the top of Mount Hermon. This is the only sturgeon farm where fish are bred in running water from a source far from industrial areas and other sources of pollution.

 Real holiday symbol

A team of specialists with a worldwide reputation and many years of experience in the field of caviar production brought to Israel from the Caspian Sea fry of real Russian sturgeon, which are grown in the closest possible conditions to natural conditions and provide the world-renowned quality of caviar. Now black caviar “Karat Caviar”, which over the years in the caviar market has gained a brilliant reputation among experts, restaurateurs and other connoisseurs of this excellent product.

distinguished by premium quality: silver-black eggs with a golden hue with an incredible texture and a clean, deep, rich taste.

Specially for March 8, “Karat Caviar” offers the best gift possible, because black caviar – the guarantee of a perfect holiday!
A 50 g jar of premium black caviar, an exquisite caviar bowl, two miniature spoons, a designer branded cooler bag and a luxurious bouquet of flowers.

 The symbol of this holiday

The cost of this royal gift is 700 NIS, including delivery.
Delivery from Netanya to Rishon le – Ziona. Payment by credit card only. Orders are accepted until Monday, March 6th by phone: 050-3833835.
Spring day March 8th will be the best day of the season!


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