Sydney opened the line of the subway without drivers. Video

В Сиднее открыли линию метро без машинистов. Видео

Passengers faced a number of failures after the launch of the metro.

In Sydney opened a 36-kilometer metro line, which go unmanned train, built by French company Alstom, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

On the first day of travel was free and the new transport swept 100 thousand people. Note that it is Australia’s only full — fledged metro before in Sydney and Melbourne were only a few isolated underground stations.

Each train consists of six cars. Route 22 drive train. In addition to technology for navigation, the device is equipped with Urbalis 400 system to control doors that react to approaching people. However, in the first day after the launch of this mechanism has failed: the doors of one of the trains for some unknown reason got stuck and the workers had to open them manually and remove the train from the route.

Many users have complained that train travel prohibitively slow, being late for each station for 15-20 minutes. It is thus that the entire 36-kilometer route, according to Alstom, their drones must pass in 37 minutes.

The Aussie found the unusual use of plastic bottles. Video

In General, the first week the metro has experienced several major disruptions. In one case, at the station, somehow the fire alarm went off and the crowd of passengers had to be evacuated by buses.

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