Switzerland recognized as legal suicide with a capsule

In Switzerland, suicide by means of a capsule was recognized as legal

Switzerland has legalized a 3D-printed Sarco capsule designed to help suicide.

A recommendation was issued by Exit International, the organization that developed the machine Sarco.

3D-printed Sarco capsule allows a person to leave life on their own without pain. The capsule will be available already in 2022.

The capsule developed by Exit International has undergone legal due diligence in Switzerland. It allows a person to leave life without painful sensations.

In 2020, about 1,300 people were euthanized by ingestion of sodium pentobarbital solution. This process took place in the presence of specially trained assistants. After taking the drug, a person falls asleep for 2-5 minutes and falls into a coma, after which death occurs.

According to the founder of Exit International Philip Nitschke, the Sarco capsule can facilitate the process of suicide.

Two Sarco prototypes have now been developed, one is being constructed in the Netherlands & mdash; it should be ready in 2022.

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