Swimmer Martin Cartabi set an Israeli record at the World Championships in Berlin

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 Swimmer Martin Cartabi set Israeli record at the World Cup in Berlin

The Swimming World Cup opened today in Berlin with three full qualifying rounds for the Israeli team, which were attended by Yaakov Tomarkin, David Gerchik and Anastasia Gurbanko. During the qualifying swim, Martin Cartabi set an Israeli youth record. The competition takes place in 25-meter pools and is the first in a prestigious round.

Tomarkin and Gorbenko gave it their all in the 100m medley. Olympic finalist from Maccabi Ashdod qualified for fifth place in the tournament bracket with a time of 53.50 seconds, and the world champion from Maccabi Kiryat Bialik took sixth place with a time of 59.73 seconds. David Gerchik from Maccabi Haifa completed the picture of the final, finishing 7th in the 200m with a time of 1:54.76 minutes.

The one who updated the table of records, — Martin Kartabi, 18-year-old swimmer from Po'al Dolphin Netanya, dropped from the 22-second limit for the first time in his career in the 50-meter freestyle and set a record of 21.83 seconds, improving by three hundredths the achievement of Olympian Ziv Klontrov, recorded 7 years ago.

Kartabi, who moved up to fifth place in Israel's rankings, finished 19th overall behind Miron Haruti, who clocked 21.74 seconds and placed 16th.

In other heats, Yaakov Tomarkin finished 11th in the 200m backstroke in 1:55.52 minutes, Inbar Danziger was 23rd in the same distance in 1:59.65 minutes, Anastasia Gorbenko finished tenth in the 200m breaststroke with a score of 2:24.66 minutes, Darya Golovati showed a result of 25.78 seconds in the 50m freestyle and 1:03.84 in the 100m individual medley (41st and 39th place respectively) and Yoav Romano finished qualifying in 3:52.65 minutes in the 400m freestyle. m and 33rd place.

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