Sweet treat season or donut invasion

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And do not say that you did not expect them, because in every adult there is a child who wants to pamper himself with something, especially if this SOMETHING appears once a year for just a couple of weeks .

Of course, I'm talking about Hanukkah sufganiyets. Hanukkah without these sweets, like the New Year without a Christmas tree, well, it doesn’t work at all. Not to mention the kids who demand new donut refills every day)

 The season of sweet pleasure or the invasion of donuts

Gone are the days of half-hard or very oil-soaked pastries, and they are being replaced by culinary masterpieces of all sizes and tastes.< br />
The well-known confectionery chain Delicatessen in Israel did not stand aside either, which not only prepared wonderful sufganiet with various fillings for the holiday, but also helped with holiday gifts by packing whole sets of small donuts in beautiful gift boxes that are not ashamed to bring to any exquisite event. .

 Sweet treat season or donut invasion< /p>

Take care of your figure, it doesn't matter, they thought about you too. For those who don’t like donuts, or maybe just children should eat something more healthy before sweets, you can buy a set of various vegetable fritters with delicious sauces, and then the holiday was definitely a success!

 Sweet Treat Season or Donut Invasion

 Sweet treat season or donut invasion

I confess I only got crumbs , since the children swept away all the purchased sufganiet in almost one day, making me regret my reckless decision to take only one set, because the next day I had to go for the next one.

And although I usually don’t give there are so many sweets for children, but their happy faces when they open a set of sufganiet are definitely worth the order, and I melt like powdered sugar on donuts.

Х anucal menu at Delicatessen

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