Svetlana Loboda undressed for till Lindemann: Waiting for

Светлана Лобода разделась для Тилля Линдеманна: Жду

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, who lives and works in Russia, showed in racy Instagram photo

Recently, the star toured in Germany. From there, she posted a sexy photo in mini dress, narrow dress, in my underwear on the back seat of the car. Then some subscribers have noticed that the singer is in a hurry for a date to the star of the German rock band Rammstein till Lindemann the the. Rumor has it, Loboda in may 2018 gave birth to a daughter Tilde, it is from this man. Her name confirms the paternity of the rocker, and on one of the shows of the Russian TV Loboda she admitted that Tilde — a biker child.

Neither Svetlana nor till not comment on these rumors, trying to avoid any hints of this.

Светлана Лобода разделась для Тилля Линдеманна: Жду

Светлана Лобода разделась для Тилля Линдеманна: Жду

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The incident

This time published on the page Loboda in the social network quite candid photo with an intriguing caption, made me think, not whether Lindemann addressed this message.

“Waiting👱♀ app”, which is English translates as “waiting”, emoticons in the form of men, who clearly show that she’s waiting for. Lindemann or not unfortunately the singer did not specify.

Followers of the singer were quick to ask what she’s waiting for

“My question is translated,Waiting for what?””, “What are you waiting for?💖”.

And most followers admired the beauty of the singer, comparing it with the goddess and the cat:

“Krasotulka give me a kiss”, “Gorgeous”, “meow)beauty”, “Beauty”, “Well,Goddess,” “Here is a sponge,” “I admire you”, “Kitty”.

Светлана Лобода разделась для Тилля Линдеманна: Жду

Also earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, who moved to live and work in Russia, shared with subscribers a sexy photo.

Previously, it was known that the famous actress went to the hospital directly from training, as she needed surgery. After that, the star passed a short course of recovery and, it seems, not to spend time to rest, she immediately went on tour to Germany, where he also introduced a new song.

After that, Loboda actively continued its work and many times were seen in public places. She also manages the rehabilitation and upload new pictures.

We will remind, Loboda harshly criticized because of the new songs: Wounded DOE

As reported Politeka, Loboda over the toilet caused a sensation in the network

Also Politeka wrote that Loboda pounced on the eldest daughter: she misses the Till Lindemann

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