Suspect in hitting a policeman: we were drunk, I don’t remember anything

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 Suspect in hitting a policeman: we were drunk, I don't remember anything

New details of the raid on a police checkpoint in Beit Dagan on the night of June 11 are published in the Israeli press. Police volunteer Amihai Karmieli died as a result of the incident.

Three cars with Bedouins from Rahat escaped from the police chase. The first car driven by the prime suspect hit Karmiel. The police arrested everyone and interrogated them in separate rooms. everyone claims. that they were not driving at the time of the incident.

The prime suspect claims, “I was not driving, I only remember that we were all drunk. We got very drunk, but I didn't drive, I don't remember who was driving”.

The police hope to “break” suspects based on the results of the work of forensic scientists with machines.

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