Suspect in Belgian attack added to list of Islamic extremists

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 Belgian attack suspect added to list of Islamic extremists

The suspect in the attack on police officers that killed one police officer and seriously stabbed another, previously served six years in prison for criminal offenses and was released about three years ago.< br />
Early on Thursday morning, he went to the police station, where he yelled threats at the police, but was not arrested, although he was on the list of potential Islamic extremists of the OCAD, an organization that assesses terrorist threats in Belgium. On the same evening, with cries of “Allah Akbar” he stabbed two policemen near the busy Brussels-Noord train station just after the evening rush hour, off

The suspect has been identified as Yassin M., who was born in Brussels in 1990. On Friday, he was charged with “murder and attempted murder in a terrorist context,” Federal Attorney Eric Van Der Sipt said.

Brussels prosecutor's spokeswoman Sarah Durant said the suspect made “nonsensical remarks” during a conversation with officers a few hours before the attack. Since he voluntarily sought psychological help, he was not arrested, but instead was sent to the hospital, from where he soon left.

The suspect was wounded at the scene of his attack by another policeman who came to his colleagues to help. The assailant's condition was not released, but authorities said he was still in the hospital on Friday and could not be questioned.

Authorities were immediately criticized for not arresting the suspect when he threatened police early on Thursday morning, but Durant said procedures stipulate that the police must take him to the hospital because he himself sought psychological help.

suspected. A few hours later, when the police checked his whereabouts, it turned out that the man had left the hospital, — she said.

The attack stirred up Belgium, which has suffered several terrorist attacks over the past decade, including the 2016 suicide bombings that killed 32 people and hundreds on the Brussels metro and airport. were injured.

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