Suspect arrested for setting fire to trash can during haredi riots

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 Suspect arrested for setting fire to trash can during Haredi riots

Jalowski was walking past protesters when she was knocked over by a large metal trash can filled with burning debris that some protesters threw down a hill. As of Sunday, December 25, the victim is still in the hospital in a serious but stable condition.


The protest erupted in response to the arrest of a man suspected of setting fire to a mobile phone store a few months earlier. Cell phone shops are sometimes targeted by religious extremists for failing to comply with ultra-Orthodox restrictions on the use of devices.

The incident was met with condemnation from ultra-Orthodox political leaders who should be in the next government, although the Jalowski family urged the public to stop “ fan the flames of hatred” looking for someone to blame.

Relatives of the victim told Channel 12 that they felt like the public was “celebrating our terrible situation”; and is trying to use this incident as a case against the extremism of “the people of Mea Shearim”. They defended the perpetrators, claiming that they only wanted to block the road and were not going to kill anyone.

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