Surrendered, laid down his arms – and tried to escape. Video of elimination of militant in Jenin

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 Surrendered, laid down his arms and tried to escape. Jenin

Two days after the liquidation: new footage from the butcher shop in Jenin, where the leader of the “Islamic Jihad” was killed Farooq Salama.

Salama was involved in the attack, during which IDF fighter Noam Raz was killed. Leaked CCTV footage shows a group of terrorists waiting in a weapons store when, seconds later, Yamam and Shin Bet fighters burst in and eliminate Salama.

Salama, who was supposed to marry that day, waiting in the butcher shop with his friends to buy meat products for his wedding. Having received targeted intelligence information from the Shin Bet, the IDF fighters broke into her premises and surrounded it in a matter of seconds. The footage shows the terrorists laying down their weapons, and Salama also laid down his arms.

However, he tried to escape through the back door, firing at the fighters with another pistol. Another group of Yamams, who were waiting in a jeep near Katsia, found Salama within seconds and killed him on the street.

The five armed men who were in the shop surrendered without a fight, but after that there was an exchange of gunfire that lasted for several hours. The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported two dead and four wounded. Our forces were not affected. One of the detainees was Salama's brother, two of the detainees were Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants. Another wanted man was in a car that five months ago, members of the Golani patrol opened fire. Then he pretended to be dead, and the soldiers did not touch him – now they caught him.

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