Surfaced the terrible details of the death of a football player Sala: the official report

Всплыли страшные подробности гибели футболиста Салы: официальный отчет

In the tragic history of the crash with Cardiff city striker emiliano Sala on Board there are new details

Information about the details of the crash over the English channel was published in the report of the special Commission which is engaged in investigation of such incidents in Britain (AAIB).

Reportedly private plane in which emiliano Sala was flying from Nantes to Cardiff, was not licensed to commit commercial traffic.

Всплыли страшные подробности гибели футболиста Салы: официальный отчет

According to the Commission report, the aircraft was registered in the U.S. and could not be used for commercial flights without the permission of the Supervisory authorities. While no evidence was found that the firm, which owned the plane, attempts were made to obtain the necessary license, according to ESPN.

“It is not yet determined on what basis was transported passenger, but before the pilot was made passenger flights on the basis of “cost-sharing”, — stated in the report.

In addition, it is reported that the pilot, David Ibbotson, carrying emiliano Sala, had a license just for private transportation, and his flight experience was about 3700 hours.

Recall that a plane flying at this newcomer Cardiff city striker emiliano Sala strangely disappeared on Monday, January 21. According to reports, the plane disappeared from radar near the coast of England.

Former Nantes player flew into England on a private odnomernom plane, and an hour before arrival the pilot reported problems. At a height of 1.5 kilometers, the pilot contacted the Bank and requested a reduced height of up to 700 meters due to weather conditions. Soon after reducing communication with the aircraft was lost.

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Along with 28-year-old emiliano Sala on Board was another man – the pilot, David Ibbotson, when at 20:30 communication with the aircraft was lost near the lighthouse Caskets from Alderney. Air traffic control confirmed that the plane was flying from Nantes in Western France, in Cardiff despite a warning of heavy snowfall and hail.

Всплыли страшные подробности гибели футболиста Салы: официальный отчет

Only in early February, the rescuers managed to find at the bottom of the English channel at a depth of 63 metres, the wreckage from which was extracted the body of the deceased emiliano Sala. The body of pilot David Ibbotson is still not found.

Earlier, the father of the missing player made an emotional statement: “I can’t believe.”

As reported Politeka, the last message disappeared players of Cardiff have become prophetic: “God, how scary.”

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that the fans EN masse in support of the missing players: “More than a player”.

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