Surfaced new evidence of the massacre of the ally Poroshenko: “estimated life 8 thousand”

Всплыли новые факты расправы над соратником Порошенко: "оценили жизнь в 8 тысяч"

The scandal with the murder of Alexander AP Bohdalova in Kiev continued

According to journalists, while Alexander Butty was bleeding after the attack, near the Church, his assailants successfully spent the stolen money.

Due to the fact that murderers “distracted” on the cash withdrawal and is calculated from the map, they were detained several hours after committing the crime.

Всплыли новые факты расправы над соратником Порошенко: "оценили жизнь в 8 тысяч"

Soon, the detainees themselves have told the details of the attack. So, they ran up to Alexander Butatama and slammed him in the nose. Blow was such force that the nose of the employee up immediately broke. After that, they “with meat” pulled out the inner jacket pocket of a senior official, where was the wallet, phone and Bank cards.

As it turned out, the suspects are citizens of Armenia, all for 35 years. They arrived in the Ukrainian capital in December 2018, never worked and all this time lived in a hostel, which is located near the train station.

The victim’s money murderers have spent on the food bought in the store, located near the Church, and found the corpse of Alexander Buttolo, and slot machines. In General, attackers have estimated the life of the employee of up to 8 thousand hryvnias, which they had removed from the cards.

Friends and acquaintances of Alexander Buttom speak only good. Turns out he was the initiator of the volunteer movement in the Donbass and not only.

Всплыли новые факты расправы над соратником Порошенко: "оценили жизнь в 8 тысяч"

Earlier it was reported that the man’s body was discovered March 14 at 6:50 in the capital on the street Baggoutovskaya, near the gate of the unfinished Church. Traces of blood followed the deceased and found the security guard who went from the night shift.

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Almost immediately it became known that the found is a member of the presidential Administration of Ukraine. When it was discovered the identity of the employee AP.

According to the chief of Shevchenkovsky regional Department of police Herman Attacks Bohdalova was robbed, and his death was caused by coronary heart disease.

We will remind, Poroshenko ally killed in Kiev: the body was found near the Church, the scandal makeup pans.

As reported Politeka, police uncovered a shocking detail about the death of a member of the presidential Administration.

Also Politeka wrote who he was and what he did killed ally Poroshenko.

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