Suprun was advised to be treated with pills and not injections

Супрун посоветовала лечиться таблетками, а не уколами

Acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun on his page in Facebook has denied the myth that injections are better than pills.

According to who recommendations, preference should be given to non-injection drugs, writes the with reference to

“Today injection is one of the most common of medical procedures. Every year on the planet doing at least 16 billion injections. But in fact, the use of injection is not always justified. Therefore, according to who recommendations, if possible, you should give preference to non-injection drugs,” said Suprun.

According to her, the medication can work better and more efficiently than pills, it’s just a myth.

“In most cases, no matter in what form the active substance enters the body. Only in some cases, it the injectable form. This, for example, the state of emergency, unconscious patient, or the introduction of insulin” she said.

The Ministry of health has proposed to change the approach to prescribing. Suprun told about all the advantages of such innovations:

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“It is proposed that doctors prescribed drugs in pill form in those cases where the pill and the shot have the same effect. The order was published for public comment. The use of tablets instead of injections (if they have an equivalent action) has many advantages. In the first place for children, because the use of a syringe with a needle is painful and the psychological aspect. After that, the children can begin a panic fear of doctors and hospitals. neither children nor adults should not have to endure the pain, if you can do without it,” — commented Suprun.

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