Suprun warned about the dangers of Smoking hookahs

Супрун предупредила о вреде курения кальянов

Ulyana Suprun warned of the danger of the habit of Smoking hookah

Ulyana Suprun warned the Ukrainians, who are addicted to Smoking hookahs, believing that they are safer than cigarettes. The Minister of health on his Facebook page explained why hookahs are even more dangerous than Smoking, reports the with reference to RBC-Ukraine

Among Ukrainians it is quite common myth that tobacco smoke passing through water, becomes safer. However, Ulyana Suprun says that it is not.

According to Suprun, one hour of Smoking hookah equals 100 cigarettes smoked, because Smoking one cigarette a person inhales 0.6 litres of smoke and hookah smoker in one session inhales 74.1 liters of smoke.

Acting Minister of health cited several reasons why hookahs should not be considered an alternative to cigarettes:

Hookah smoke contains carcinogenic substances, heavy metals, carbon monoxide and other hazardous compounds contained in cigarette smoke. As a result of the combustion of coal produces oxide of carbon.
“People who use hookah for half an hour, get a big dose of carbon monoxide, which causes a lack of oxygen in the body — hypoxia”, says Suprun.

In hookah smoke is a toxic substance that can cause lung cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.
One “session” hookah changes the heart rate and blood pressure.
Hookah, like cigarettes, are addictive.
Smoking a hookah during pregnancy can adversely affect a baby’s development before and after birth.
Even BestBuy hookah is dangerous because it contains the products of combustion.

“Hookah smokers are usually delayed deeper than smokers of cigarettes — toxic substances in the lower lobes of the lungs”, says Suprun.

Besides passing the hookah around the circle, you can catch tuberculosis, hepatitis a, influenza, herpes and other infections.

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Hookahs are harmful and passive smokers. And although in 2012 Ukraine has banned Smoking hookahs in public places, including catering establishments. However, according to statistics, according to an official, hookahs continue to smoke in almost every fifth school.

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