Suprun told how to painlessly quit Smoking

Acting Minister of health recommends to reduce the level of stress.

There are different types of dependence on nicotine and different way how to get rid of it. About this in his Facebook said the acting Minister of health Suprun, reports the online edition of the with reference to

According to her, to quit Smoking can anyone, regardless of age and experience. “Most people need several attempts. And there is nothing wrong. Regard the first attempt as an experience,” said Suprun.

She added that if friends or family quit Smoking, they need help and support. “If necessary, adjust your lifestyle or a joint vacation — avoid things that they associate with Smoking. Be patient and positive, do not criticize for failures and speak with a loved one, to reduce the level of stress,” said Suprun.

It is easy to understand the algorithm of actions what to start with:

  • you can start with a test to identify which type of dependence on nicotine;
  • find like-minded people, discuss your plan and achievements with family or friends;
  • to obtain the advice of professionals, using a free service for people who want to quit Smoking;
  • read more about the different types of addiction and how to quit Smoking on the website of the Ministry of health;
  • find a significant motivation;
  • clearly specify why you are giving up Smoking, write this reason on the list and put a reminder in a prominent place.
  • choose a specific date and time when you will quit and prepare the plan.

Named spice, relieves pain in the joints

May 30, Suprun said that in Ukraine from diseases associated with Smoking, die each year 85 000 people.

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