Suprun said that in Ukraine they drink alcohol more often than milk

Супрун утверждает, что в Украине спиртное пьют чаще, чем молоко

According to the head of the Ministry, Ukrainians prefer to drink alcohol instead of milk.

In Ukraine, daily Smoking of 7.2 million people. Due to the effects of Smoking are dying every year 85 thousand Ukrainians, and the use of alcohol surpassed that of milk of popularity. About this in Facebook wrote the head of the Ministry of health Suprun, according to the with reference to

“Ukraine is really widespread factors that increase the risk of non-communicable pathologies. For example, 7.2 million of the adult population is daily smokers and related diseases die each year 85 thousand Ukrainians. Also, Ukraine is included into first ten the most drinking countries of the world. Alcohol consumption significantly exceeds milk (per resident for almost 12 liters). And the proportion of alcohol-related causes of death is 34.4% (from all causes)”, — says the publication.

According to her, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and mental health problems are the cause of almost 84% of all deaths in Ukraine.

She stressed that the Ukrainians used to ignore health and to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Suprun explained how to recognize a panic attack and a heart attack

“People wait till the last, but would not go to the doctors. Prefer not to know about their disease, because then you have to be treated: but it is expensive and scary,” said Suprun.

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