Suprun has debunked the main myth about the safety of hookahs

Супрун развенчала главный миф о безопасности кальянов

There is a common myth that the tobacco smoke passes through water and therefore is safe.

Often offer hookah as less harmful alternative to cigarettes. But it’s not. This was announced by acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun on Facebook, reports the with reference to

Suprun noted that the hookah more dangerous than cigarettes. “The hour of hookah Smoking harm the body, as 100 cigarettes. After all, while Smoking one cigarette smoker inhales 0.6 liters of smoke, while the hookah smoker in one session of hookah Smoking inhales 74.1 litres of smoke,” said Suprun.

Also, Suprun said the reasons why hookah is not a safe alternative to cigarettes:

  1. Hookah smoke contains carcinogenic substances, heavy metals, carbon monoxide and other dangerous compounds, including the inherent smoke of cigarettes.
  2. The smoke of the hookahs contain toxic substances which can also cause lung cancer and other cancers, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.
  3. Hookah Smoking increases heart rate, mean arterial pressure and index of increase of the aorta.
  4. Hookah Smoking also causes addiction, because in the hookah mixture has the same nicotine as in cigarettes.
  5. Children born to women who during pregnancy were often smoke hookah, have a higher risk of developing respiratory diseases.
  6. Even if BestBuy to smoke a hookah, to avoid harm for health will not work. The man is dangerous to inhale any products of combustion, even flavored.
  7. Smoking hookahs is also another danger: passing the phone between different people, it is possible to catch tuberculosis, hepatitis a, influenza, herpes and other infections.

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In addition, Suprun added that the water pipes is also harmful to passive smokers — people who breathe it, being in the same room. After all, they breathe not only tobacco smoke, but also products of combustion.

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