Suprun has called the most polluted places in the apartment

Супрун назвала найбільш забруднені місця у квартирі

Cleaning of the apartment
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The majority of microorganisms in our environment are not pathogenic, and often even useful, because they train the immune system. However, in some cases, their excessive multiplication can be dangerous.

Suprun said on his page on Facebook about dangerous places in the apartment that we sometimes go around with their attention during cleaning.

The light switches and knobs don’t look like the most obvious foci of bacteria, although they are. In fact, many bacteria are waiting for us on the handle of the microwave oven, the oven and the refrigerator, on the light switches in the bathroom and toilet.

Sometimes in the wet areas of the bathroom can form resistant bacterial biofilms. Often it is some species of mycobacteria. Usually they are not pathogenic, but in some cases, for example, when a depressed immune system, can cause infectious processes.

Супрун назвала найбільш забруднені місця у квартирі

Washing machine and linen. Wet clothes, even for a short time to allow the microorganisms to multiply. Therefore, as soon as possible after washing to remove things from the machine and hang to dry.

Brushes, sponges and other contents of cosmetics, particularly if you travel a lot or moves around the city, is the center of bacteria. Bacteria living on the brush can cause eye irritation and skin or even the development of infections.

Супрун назвала найбільш забруднені місця у квартирі

Remember, not only home furniture and rags can be dangerous. Mobile phone, headphones, keys, wallet, lunch box and the surface of the backpack or bag is also a habitat for bacteria.

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