Suprun explained when you need to get rid of wisdom teeth

Супрун объяснила, когда нужно избавляться от зубов мудрости

Evolution has made the wisdom tooth unnecessary.

The so-called wisdom tooth is not connected with the heart, writes the with reference to

Acting Minister of health Suprun in his Facebook said that wisdom teeth are vestigial and has lost its evolutionary value. They can grow or remain in the jaw of a human life. Most often they erupt at the age of 16-26 years.

“At the age of 7-11 years, the doctor can predict whether there is enough space in the lower jaw for the eruption of wisdom teeth. If it is not enough — showing the removal of such wisdom teeth at the stage of seed or stage of primary calcification” she explained.

To prevent complications it is necessary to undergo regular dental check-UPS and on the recommendation of a doctor to do x-ray to assess the condition of the tooth and adjacent tissues.

According to her, wisdom teeth must be removed in several ways:

  • if adjacent soft tissues developed purulent-inflammatory processes;
  • with the development of jaw cysts or tumors from the wisdom tooth;
  • in the case of permanent injury due to a wisdom tooth mucosa of the oral cavity;
  • for the 6 months before surgery for the correction of the shape of the mandible
  • it is necessary to prevent fracture of the mandible in people involved in contact sports;
  • if crooked teeth or misalignment of teeth upper and lower jaw.

She explained that if the wisdom tooth is “sick”, his treatment is not prescribed. Most often it is the inflammation of the lining around it.

“Wrong that as patients are regarded as “teeth of wisdom”. In fact, these teeth such that the cut (partially or completely), since the roots of the teeth already formed,” — said the head of Department.

Doctors have called the drink, which is especially useful when breastfeeding

In addition, she debunked the myth that the removal of wisdom teeth can harm the heart. To disturbances in the heart (infectious myocarditis) may cause only a wisdom tooth with chronic inflammation (development of odontogenic chronostasis). And removal of such a tooth will prevent the development of complications, as it is a hotbed of infection.

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