Suprun explained how to recognize a panic attack and a heart attack

Супрун объяснила, как распознать паническую атаку и сердечный приступ

Also acting head of the Ministry of health explained how to act in panic attack and heart attack.

Acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun told about heart attack symptoms and panic attacks, reports the with reference to UNIAN.

It is suffocation and palpitations, chest pain, dizziness, numbness of hands and feet, sweating and tremors. Many people have these symptoms create a feeling of loss of control, sometimes it seems that even you die, Suprun wrote on his page in Facebook.

“It is very important not to confuse a panic attack with a heart attack and Vice versa. It is extremely dangerous to health and life. It is important to consider their condition and to react and act,” said acting head of the Ministry of health.

  1. Panic attack is described as a feeling of sudden and intense anxiety and fear. Our body begins to believe that we are in danger. Complicated breath, pounding heart, pupils dilate, the stomach stops working, the limbs can go numb, my head spinning. But no matter how terrible was not the symptoms of a panic attack, they pose no mortal danger.
  2. 2. Heart attack (angina) occurs because of the mismatch between increased need heart of oxygen and the ability to deliver it through narrowed heart vessels. At this time the heart does not receive enough oxygen. For example, it can occur during intense physical activity, when quickens the heart rate.

How to recognize panic attack and heart attack:


▪ If, after a long stress — it could be a panic attack.

▪ If you were doing intensive physical activity or even just going up the stairs — it could be a heart attack.

The nature of the pain

▪ During panic attack chest pain sharp and “prickly”, it is usually localized in the center.

▪ During a heart attack may feel like being crushed from the inside and heaviness behind the breastbone. The pain may “give” in the arm, under the shoulder blade, lower jaw or neck left. But this is not observed in all cases.

▪ During panic attacks, and during a heart attack may experience shortness of breath, severe weakness, palpitations, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

Duration of symptoms

▪ A panic attack can last from 5 to 30 minutes.

▪ Heart attack symptoms can disappear after 2-3 minutes after stopping exercise or taking nitroglycerin.

Also the acting Minister of health explained how to act in panic attack and heart attack.

In the case of a panic attack Suprun advises to calm down, to remember that a panic attack is not a threat to life. Can help breathing exercises and the support of loved ones. To call an ambulance, if half an hour has not improved, and the breathing exercises help to recover.

In the case of a heart attack, you need to calm down and stop physical activity. Call your doctor — your doctor may prescribe taking nitroglycerin. If the attack fails to shoot for 15-20 minutes — call emergency medical care. After a heart attack that lasts more than 15-20 minutes can cause a myocardial infarction.

“To call for help is also necessary if you have at least one of these symptoms: the pain is constant and becomes more intense pain in waves is repeated at rest, there is a sharp weakness, anxiety, quickens the pulse or dramatically fluctuating blood pressure,” — said the acting head of the Ministry of health.

It is noted that in women, a heart attack can occur otherwise can ache in one or both arms, neck, shoulders, jaw or stomach pain often between the shoulder blades, breathing may become frequent and shallow, but nothing hurts. It is very important to account for these differences.

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“A panic attack cannot cause a heart attack, but stress and anxiety can affect the development of cardiovascular diseases. Some studies indicate that people who have anxiety disorders, may have a higher risk of heart disease” — concluded Suprun.

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