Suprun commented on the compulsory vaccination of children

Супрун прокомментировала обязательную вакцинацию детей

Failure to vaccinate harms the safety of others.

Acting Minister of health Suprun said that mandatory vaccination of children for admission to kindergarten — a normal international practice. About it she wrote in Facebook after the Supreme court upheld that ban unvaccinated children from attending kindergartens is legal, reports the with reference to League.

Suprun said that in Italy, parents who want to give to school unvaccinated child can be fined €500. In Germany want fined for €2 500 and not to take a child in kindergarten.

“You cannot oppose the individual right to refuse to vaccinate the public interest and safety of other children,” she said.

Suprun also added that the health Ministry is trying to resist buying false certificates of vaccination. So, during the Lvov operation against measles was found that in the field need the vaccine 21.5 thousand children, and about 50 thousand

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Earlier today, may 30, the Supreme court decided in favor of mandatory vaccination of children.

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