Supermoon February 19: what are the risks and how will affect the fate of

Суперлуние 19 февраля: чем грозит и как повлияет на судьбу

Rare the position of the moon can have a powerful effect on a person

A supermoon is the period when the satellite is closest to Earth. This happens about every 400 – 500 days. Closest earthlings can see already in the evening of 19 February.

As warned NASA employees wishing to take a look at the sky at 17:54 local time. At this moment the Moon is at a distance of 359 thousand kilometers and will be at the point called perigee. The Orb of night is going to look in half or even twice the usual Ukrainians sizes. In addition, the satellite will be unusually bright.

Суперлуние 19 февраля: чем грозит и как повлияет на судьбу

As noted astrophysics, in 2019 the inhabitants of the planet will be lucky enough to see another Supermoon. It will occur on March 19. But spring phenomenon will not like the weaker. However, it will be a good opportunity for latecomers Amateur astronomy. The next Supermoon is expected already 6 December 2052.

The Russian media writes, astrologers explain the Supermoon own term — Syzygy. During this phenomenon, the center of the Earth, moon and Sun line up. If perigee and Syzygy is matched, the Moon coming as close as possible to the Ground, which allows you to see satellite in all its details.

Experts claim that people are able to feel super full moon even though the sky. During this period, the Terrans are always under the influence of the satellite and behave completely differently. Because the event affects the person physically and mentally. Most attributed the changes to fatigue or lack of sleep.

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In some cases, the Supermoon can have more impact to the human body. Among the unpleasant symptoms experts identify headaches, weakness, fatigue, worsening of mood, nausea and vomiting. Even doctors have noticed that during a cosmic phenomenon in the hospitals treated more patients. Particularly striking reactions observed in infants up to one year. During SUPERLINE kids often cry, have problems with sleep and appetite.

Суперлуние 19 февраля: чем грозит и как повлияет на судьбу

In addition, observed impacts of SUPERLINE on human consciousness. So in this period may worsen a mental disorder. And the consequences of head injuries. Many people become scattered, begin to lose their valuables and even their own children. The Supermoon is also more and more cases are harmless and aggressive sleepwalking. Up to suicidal. However, even in those days, the likelihood of becoming somnambula very small.

According to experts, it’s in the change in biological rhythms that are affected by the movement of space objects. Astrologers recommend to all the inhabitants of the Earth not to overexert yourself during SUPERLINE. Better to find time to relax and to take a small dose anti-anxiety medication. And to avoid conflict and emotional turmoil. Special attention should be eccentric people who in normal days can’t control their feelings. The rejection of the recommendations, threatens to commit crimes. Especially, in a drunken state.

Суперлуние 19 февраля: чем грозит и как повлияет на судьбу

Astrologers claim that the fate also depends on SUPERLINE. Many psychics, magicians and witches do in supermoon a large number of rituals. Their dowry in this day you can not to do important things and build great plans. They compare the risk of SUPERLINE with magnetic storms and other natural phenomena.

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However, the birth of the super full moon is very auspicious. During this period, often born smart people and even geniuses. It can be seen in the many outstanding minds of mankind. In addition, the phenomenon gives the baby confidence in their abilities, purposefulness, sociability, responsibility and honesty.

Not only people affected by the Supermoon. The proximity of the moon has a detrimental effect on the whole Earth. During the phenomenon, scientists noticed tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, heavy rains and earthquakes.

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