Super-Earth: two planets with water found

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 Super-Earth: two water planets found

Scientists have discovered two planets with water, each slightly larger than Earth. According to Space, the Kepler space telescope helped the researchers in this. He identified three planets orbiting the star Kepler-138, of which two could be “water worlds.” Canadian scientists were able to zoom in on their image using the Hubble Space Telescope. Kepler-138c and Kepler-138d with water are slightly larger than Earth, and Kepler-138b is Mars. Scientist Bjorn Bennecke of the University of Montreal explained that previously it was assumed that super-Earths are composed only of metals and stone. Therefore, the received images of Kepler-138c and Kepler-138d are a discovery, because they have water on them. The temperature on their surface is just over 100 degrees Celsius.

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