Sun and acne: friend or foe?

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 Sun and acne: friend or foe?

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One of the common “grandmother's” recipes; acne treatment – sunbathe and dry your skin. However, this method can be not only useless, but also harmful.

In the run-up to summer, Rivka Zaide, owner of an acne clinic and author of a unique treatment method, explains how ultraviolet light can harm problem skin and exacerbate acne.

In small doses, the sun's rays have a bactericidal effect on the skin, vitamin D is produced, which helps to dry out excess sebum, so the inflammatory process can temporarily slow down and the skin will visually even look better: less noticeable pigmentation, enlarged pores, rashes, but…

1. The sun's rays dry out moisture from the skin and break its natural protective barrier, and if the skin's water balance is disturbed and dehydrated, acne worsens.
2. The drying effect of the sun leads to the fact that the skin begins to “defend” and produce an increased amount of sebum, which leads to clogged pores and inflammation.
3. The sun – it is also hot, and in the heat, sweating increases, sweat, mixing with dust and dirt that settles on the skin, creates an ideal environment for the development of acne.

All these factors together lead to the fact that after a short external improvement, at best, everything returns to the previous level, and at worst, the skin condition worsens and acne worsens.

About the Rivka Zayde Laboratory clinic:< br />
"Rivka Zaide Laboratories" – a clinic in Ramat Gan, specializing exclusively in acne problems. Together with her biochemist husband Roni Zaide, Rivka created her own unique method of getting rid of acne using high-tech devices and her own line of natural cosmetics.

The success rate in this clinic, which has been in existence for 22 years, is impressive – about 92 % percent complete elimination of acne.

The clinic has solutions for all types of acne, from its mild stages to the most severe and hormonal. The advantage of the method is that Rivka Zaide has developed a special program that significantly improves the condition of the skin, but does not harm other body systems, like some other ways to get rid of acne, for example, medications. This is a natural, drug-free and non-contact method that has no side effects.

The exclusive technique is based on complex treatment in the clinic and at home. An individual treatment program is selected for each patient, depending on the type of problem. One of the main components of the – These are drugs that are developed and produced in the laboratories of a clinic in Israel based on natural ingredients and medicinal plants. All preparations have been approved by the Ministry of Health.

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