Summer 2022 in the largest water park in Israel Yamit 2000

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 Summer 2022 at Israel's largest water park Yamit 2000

Summer 2022 is spent in the water park “Yamit 2000” in Holon – the largest water park in the country, located on 70 dunums of land, with swimming pools, water slides and attractions for children.

Among them: racing slides, high downhill slides, a slide with a slide in the form of a pipe and the Super Kamikaze slide, the Children's World complex; as well as waterfalls, olive groves, toddler slides, fun pumps, a toddler pool and more.

 Summer 2022 at Israel's largest water park Yamit 2000

 Summer 2022 in Israel's largest water park Yamit 2000

The management took advantage of the Corona pandemic to revamp the park to improve the visitor experience.
The security, maintenance and cleaning teams have been strengthened.
A new director, Doron Gabay, a resident of the city, has been appointed.
6 new high-speed vehicles have been purchased slides 32*14 meters, including a timer, which allow for complex downhill competitions.
Lined 760 sq. m. m. of soft grass at the entrance to the complex, towards the children's world, next to the racing slides and the sun terrace near the SPA complex.
Shaded areas have been added.

The main stage has also been upgraded with modern professional amplification systems.

 Summer 2022 in Israel's largest water park Yamit 2000

The old water park was called “Yamit 2000” Water park because of the large SPA complex that can pamper you with 5 jacuzzi pools of different temperatures, a Turkish bath, dry and wet saunas, a sunbathing and relaxation terrace and many other pleasures.

 Summer 2022 at Israel's largest water park Yamit 2000

For your convenience, there is also an indoor complex that includes a stormy wave pool, a water mushroom and self-turning buckets, a mixed pool, water cannons, a slide chute, water attractions, 26 extreme new slides, a wide selection of pools: Olympic pool, wave pool , a tropical-style shaded toddler pool, and more.

Doron Gabay: “My goal was to correct the image of Yamit 2000 created by a series of incidents that cast a shadow over the enchanting a place unique in its size and diversity, with many extreme slides and facilities that have no analogues in the country. .

Address: Holon, Park Peres. WAZE: st. Mifratz Shlomo 66, Holon.
For details, call:
03-6506500/Instagram/Facebook and website.
Please keep an eye on the announcements and opening hours of the complex, which hosts special events, where the entrance to the general public is closed.
Entrance to the SPA salon: an additional 20 shekels for the visitor.

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