Summer 2022 Collaboration: Artist Koketit Painted Israeli Moses Slides

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 Summer 2022 collaboration: artist Koketit painted Israeli Moses slides

The world-famous artist, in collaboration with the multi-brand network WeShoes, created a capsule collection of painted flip flops for the Israeli brand Moses. The limited editions of the Freedom Moses Koketit collection in black and white have already become a bestseller this summer. Shira Barzilai, an Israeli artist, became famous under the name Koketit at the beginning of her studies at the Shenkar College of Design and Art.
Shira was noticed in the fashion world during her studies at Shenkar; – they saw something unique in her works and began to invite for cooperation. Today, Koketit is a well-known artist in Israel and around the world.
Last year, Shira managed to work with major international fashion brands such as Zara, Cartier; and others.
This summer, Shira collaborated with Freedom Moses, the own brand of the large Israeli chain WeShoes.
“When was the last time you stopped for a moment, calmed down and got rid of worries and thoughts? Shira asks us. – For me, every time I draw, on paper or on a tablet, I simply exist: creativity dominates me, and my head is completely cleared of thoughts.
My intuition allows the line to guide me, freeing me from judging who I am. At this time, I am completely immersed in the moment and my drawing – the result of this freedom. I close my eyes (yes, that's right!) and just create – freely, like a child.
Pablo Picasso once said that all children are artists, and the wisdom is to remain artists when we grow up.
Of course, technique and drawing skills are also important, but I try to overcome these skills to make something really new. The work I created in collaboration with Freedom Moses,– this is the embodiment of my philosophy.
This is my minimalism: I lead only one line, free and uninhibited. In this line, emotions are stronger than technique, intuition is stronger than thought — and freedom itself becomes her only compass.
Limited collection flip flops can only be found on the WeShoes website. Price – NIS 250, but these days, in honor of the presentation of flip flops from the capsule collection – with a 15% discount.

 Summer 2022 collaboration: artist Koketit painted Israeli Moses slides

< strong>About Freedom Moses

Moses footwear brand, tailored to our climate, is updating its line of best-selling slippers for children and adults. Each pair of Moses has a 100% Israeli character.
The philosophy of the brand is based on the belief that every person is free and free to choose their own path. The rainbow colors of flip flops are in themselves a hymn to diversity, friendliness and openness to the world. All shoes are vegan-friendly and can be recycled.
The weightless flip-flops are made using innovative technology from PCU – the latest type of durable and environmentally friendly polymer foam, saturated with air bubbles.
They are not felt on the foot and create the effect of flying when walking. Each model – it is the latest technology and care for the environment. Style and comfort make Moses shoes for every day.
Weshoes shoes are made for a dynamic life full of emotions. Don't feel the shoes. Feel the ability to walk and dance all day long in super comfortable Moses flip flops.
In addition to the Moses brand, WeShoes represents more than 20 international brands of shoes and bags, including Crocs, Blundstone, Scholl, Natural World, Desigual, Cobian, Candy, Magma, Seventy Nine and many others. WeShoes has over 60 branches across the country. You can also make purchases in the online store.

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