Sumi won the touching story of meeting her husband: “Come, I will eat you”

Сумская покорила трогательной историей знакомства с мужем: «Приходи, я тебя съем»

Popular Ukrainian singer Olga Sumskaya told how she met her husband Vitaliy Borisyuk

It is reported by the Clutch.

“This Thursday, on Valentine’s Day many Ukrainian stars spoke about how they met their soul mate. Don’t forget about the celebration of love and the Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska, she has published archival images with her husband Vitaly Borisyuk and told subscribers about how she met her lover,” — said in the message.

Сумская покорила трогательной историей знакомства с мужем: «Приходи, я тебя съем»

According to Sumy, it all started in 1991 when she found herself in the dressing room with a chocolate heart and a card.

“Come to me tomorrow, I’ll eat you like you this chocolate”, — stated in it.

Olga said that after he read the message immediately fell in love with a colleague. And then they also played lovers on stage of the Ukrainian theater in the first in our country, the musical Candide. Olga says, it all started during rehearsals.

As reported earlier, famous Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska boasted figure wife

The famous Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska, showed photos and video from Epiphany bathing in Instagram. They depict not only she, but her 55 year old husband Vitaly Borisyuk. Almost all of the frames, a middle-aged actor and his beautiful wife are in an embrace and look happy, fresh and toned.

The other photo shows Vitaliy Borisyuk shows muscles of steel, while his wife Olga Sumskaya smiles sweetly at the camera.

Also in the video Olga Sumskaya has demonstrated how in cold water. It is noteworthy that unlike many women, who are dressed in swimwear, Sumi plunged into the than Russian in a dress with Ukrainian vyshyvka.

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“As light is born! What a beautiful and light feeling in the shower! Wish together with Vitaly Borisyuk all over the world and the updates, friends! With the feast of the Baptism of the Lord. With Jordan Holy water!” — wrote Olga Sumskaya in the signature for publication.

Сумская покорила трогательной историей знакомства с мужем: «Приходи, я тебя съем»

Recall that Sumi boasted figure after childbirth

As Рoliteka reported that the daughter of a famous actress Olga Sumy showed perfect figure, photo

Рoliteka also previously wrote about the fact that the actress Sumi prays to the presenter Egorov don’t give up

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