Suburbs : Macron in the 93 and North to present its policy

Emmanuel Macron travelers in Roubaix, November 13, 2017.


Monday, Emmanuel Macron has spent three hours in the city of Clichy-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis), before visiting the lille area to unveil on Tuesday a series of measures in favour of the inhabitants of the popular districts. The head of State should as well detail the launch of the jobs swiss francs, a return of public services and the use of “testing” against discrimination. He will answer to those who accused him of favouring the French the most affluent, with notably the decrease of the tax on wealth (ISF). On Monday, he visited Clichy-sous-Bois, a town in the paris suburbs in the district of the Plateau has benefited the most ambitious programme of urban renovation in France (670 million euros), after having been the cradle of the riots of 2005.

The head of the State has, however, started its visit in the neighborhood of the Oak, sharp, bars, buildings dilapidated that the process of renovation has just started. By this visit, not announced, he wanted to “reflect on the ground” problems in the neighbourhood, he explained to the press. He wanted to “accelerate the time” for this renovation, which, at the current pace, will take a dozen of years because it is necessary to redeem each dwelling and to relocate the residents before rebuild. Emmanuel Macron has been welcomed by the city mayor, Olivier Klein, in which he announced the appointment as president of the national Agency of urban renovation (Anru). Warmly welcomed by the inhabitants, he spent half an hour chatting with them and doing selfies. He then went to the social centre of the Clichy-Montfermeil and then spent two hours greeting hundreds of people. Emmanuel Macron took the opportunity to confirm the commitments of the State for the completion of the future station of the line 16 in the metro of Grand Paris Express in 2024. He then flew in the evening to Lille and Roubaix, where he attended a dinner on discrimination. On Tuesday, he will spend the morning in Tourcoing, one of the poorest cities of France, to give a speech on his policy of the city.

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“Jobs francs ”

Emmanuel Macron wants to “act now with concrete steps to improve the daily life” of the 5 million people who live within 1 514 poorest neighborhoods, called “quarters of the city’s policy,” said the Elysée. To 25 %, the unemployment rate is 2.5 times higher than the average, poverty can reach 40 % and the rate of actual activity may be constrained to just 44 %, 20 points less than in the rest of France. Their people have difficulties to access employment, public services, doctors, housing, and 17 % believe they are victims of discrimination because of their origins. There are two times fewer general practitioners three times less than specialists, and four times less than the cribs. The president will also announce initiatives for middle and high school students: strengthening of boarding schools, help for the internships of the third that the major colleges will have the burden of finding out.

In these districts, the State also wants to return public services, such as The Post office, and double the health homes. Campaign promise, the jobs, the francs – companies receive premiums if they hire young people neighbourhoods – will be experienced in dozens of neighbourhoods, starting in 2018. This system, which had failed in Holland, has been budgeted to the tune of 180 million euros in 2018 (approximately 10,000 jobs swiss francs). To combat discrimination on the name, the address, or origin, Emmanuel Macron “wants to extend the measurements to testing of private enterprises (a test on the recruitments) with a publication of results, according to the principle american “name and shame” (” name and blame “). The head of State will create a “presidential council” on the policy of the city, made up of “young people from districts that have succeeded in their professional life” to “hear and benefit from their experience and” give back a positive image and hope “. It should also confirm the doubling of the appropriations of the programmes of urban renovation, which will be charged at € 10 billion for programs up to 2031. Many elected officials and associations have criticized the budget cutbacks announced this summer, as the decline in subsidised jobs, many in the neighborhoods. Emmanuel Macron responded that the level of 200 000 subsidised jobs per year would be maintained over the long term.

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