Subsidy: paying the bills while waiting for benefits

If the applicant has not yet accrued a subsidy, you should pay a mandatory payment specified in the receipts for water, electricity and gas consumed in September.

Начисление субсидии: как платить за коммуналку, пока ждете льгот

About it reports a government website Т

“In any case, if the management of social protection of the population received family documents for government discounts on payment for housing and communal services subsidy it will definitely naznaceno from the moment of registration statements, and, accordingly, will be recalculated from the month of appointment of housing subsidies”, — explained in the management of social protection of the population.

Therefore, if the November bills for gas or heat will do without reflection, subsidies, state aid will be assessed and its size can be seen in the register of subsidianes on the website

In the absence of the payment of the amount of aid subsidianes it is recommended to pay your mandatory payment – one that they were calculated to pay for water, electricity and gas in September of this year.

Families to receive government rebates on utilities, just submit the application and income statement, in which you need to specify only the types of income for which information is missing in the pension and tax database. The size of payments for social services take from the database as their own when it comes to social benefits, and fiscal service, the Pension Fund, universities, schools and the like.

Any additional papers relating to family composition, volume and value of housing services, in General, people also do not need to add or to bring. The information that is required for the appointment of subsidies are received by the Department of social protection directly from organizations that provide services. For example, on the composition of the registered persons, the flat area, the size of the rent — from housing departments or other authorised bodies of local self-government; about the cost of electricity from power companies, gas – gas, heating – heating utilities. However, often this information comes in a timely manner, which delays the process of informing of the population on subsidies.

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