Subsidy of 10,000 shekels will be given only to new teachers

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 NIS 10,000 subsidy will be given only to new teachers

The NIS 10,000 lump-sum grant to retain new teachers in the education system will only be given to teachers who start working in the education system in the next academic year and after they have served three year.

The grant will not be given to all new teachers who have entered the system in recent years, nor to those who began their work this year and have not yet received a permanent place in the state, and certainly will not be given to veteran teachers. This follows from the summary of the agreement between the Ministry Finance and the Ministry of Education for the Union of Teachers, distributed on Friday by the Ministry of Education.

“The withholding allowance – from September 1, 2023, a one-time allowance for new teachers who will start their work from this date and will be eligible to receive benefits on the date of their tenure,” the document circulated by the Ministry of Education reads.

The one-time stipend will be paid differentially according to the percentage of the teaching position occupied: a new full-time teacher, who will continue his work for three years, will be entitled to a one-time stipend of NIS 10,000. This amount will be paid in the month of May after the date of his entry into the status of a permanent employee. An employee whose work is less than full time – in accordance with the rules – will receive a grant in accordance with the percentage of his employment.

Officials in the education system told News1 that these are conditions signed by the Union of Teachers on behalf of teachers and arising, among other things, from the requirements of the Ministry of Finance. They also said that they are aware that the fact that teachers who are currently on their positions and who bear the brunt of very difficult first years of teaching in terms of financial rewards, will not receive a grant, may lead to significant feelings of frustration for them.

The agreement signed yesterday between the teachers' union and the Ministry of Finance includes elements that should increase teacher salaries, including an increase in the remuneration and compensation that teachers receive for additional activities they perform in addition to teaching in the classroom. The agreement also states that from September 1, 2023, a new teacher will be appointed in the amount at least 70% of the position, except in special cases. In a year, the threshold will increase and placement new teacher in the system will be carried out by at least 80%.

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