Study: chimpanzees treat themselves with insects

 Study: chimps treat themselves with insects

A new study has shown that chimpanzees, like humans, can self-medicate by applying insects to their wounds.

The study was conducted in Gabon's Loango National Park by researchers from Osnabrück University and the Ozouga Chimpanzee project. The results were published in Current Biology, The Jerualem Post reported.

For 15 months, scientists observed chimpanzees that had open wounds. Twenty-two primates were observed, and in 19 cases, chimpanzees began to apply insects to wounds.

This study is said to be unique in that it proves that chimpanzees treat open wounds with insects. This discovery shows that primates can know that this treatment is effective, and therefore know the properties of these insects.

In addition, it turned out that chimpanzees not only treat themselves, but also help treat others. friend. Scientists argue that this is an example of pro-social behavior, meaning that chimpanzees act not for their own survival, but in the interests of others.

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