Student accused of gang rape

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 Student accused after gang rape

A student of a technical school in the Borsky district of the Samara region became a defendant after she filed a complaint with the police about gang rape. This is reported in the plot of the television program “By the Way”.

The girl claims that at the party she was drunk by mixing something into a glass and took advantage of her condition. All this was filmed on video, and soon footage of that evening scattered through teen chat rooms. According to the mother of the victim, because of this incident, her daughter wanted to kill herself: she found a suicide note.

– I was conscious, but it was directly written on my face that I was either under something either I was simply insane, the student says.
At the same time, the police do not recognize the girl as a victim, even despite the results of the forensic examination.

– All bruises, all penetrations were confirmed, but the investigator said, that this is not proof, the girl's father said.

The young people whom the girl accuses of gang rape reject everything. They claim that the student herself called them home and drank with them.

Now the criminal case on this fact is closed. Law enforcement agencies believe that the girl slandered teenagers. The student's parents intend to appeal to the prosecutor's office.

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