Strong hair, nails and teeth are signs of good health

Крепкие волосы, ногти и зубы являются признаками хорошего здоровья

Such qualities can be easily determined at home that is especially relevant to current “ever-busy” generation

So, 6 major signs of health, writes Сlutch.

Strong hair

The owners of luxurious thick hair will almost certainly not know about such problems like vitamin deficiency and depression, because healthy hair is an indicator of peace of mind of a person and what he eats right, including in your diet all the essential minerals and vitamins.

Strong nails

The high density of the nail plate is another feature that characterizes a healthy person. In addition, they should not be any defects, including stains — these indicators refer to the signs of serious diseases.

Крепкие волосы, ногти и зубы являются признаками хорошего здоровья

Healthy teeth and gums

The absence of any inflammatory processes in the oral cavity and bleeding gums suggests good health. But bad breath and tooth sensitivity may indicate problems with the gastrointestinal tract and heart diseases.

A normal chair

Here we’ll skip a few words: diarrhea or constipation in a healthy person should not be exact.

Restful sleep

This is another indication of the high level of human health. Regular lack of sleep or insomnia leads to irritability, bad mood, decreased immunity (because of what the body can become “easy targets” for various infections), increased risk of diabetes and obesity, as well as problems with the cardiovascular system.

Крепкие волосы, ногти и зубы являются признаками хорошего здоровья

The presence of friends

The sixth indicator of good health scientists call social support, that is, the presence of the people, set a positive emotional contact. Studies have shown that the more a person has friends, the less he is at risk of developing mental illness. In particular, we talked about this in the article about senile dementia. Apart from loneliness, the experts identified 2 sign of increased risk of Contracting this disease.

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