Stretch marks: how to protect your skin from the ugly stripes

Растяжки на теле: как уберечь кожу от некрасивых полосок

In order to on the skin these ugly scars, for her to be well groomed

Striae, as professionals call stretching skin, overall appearance, both women and men. Stretch marks, formally distributed at the time of their occurrence in old, with a light color, and young, red or purple, since education which has not passed six months.

In order to protect the skin from such changes, when carrying a child it is necessary to use a bandage and a supportive bra. Such measures will support the abdominal muscles, not allowing them to stretch and relieve the back.

Растяжки на теле: как уберечь кожу от некрасивых полосок

In addition, the stretching of the skin cause problems a hormonal background as when taking hormonal drugs, and during puberty. To prevent stretching should monitor the condition, maintain a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. You also need to avoid weight fluctuations and constantly to care for the skin.

Among other reasons, experts distinguish genetics, particularly attentive to the prospect of stretch marks should be girls, in which genus this problem has already been observed. For stretch marks leads to insufficient amount of protein in food and water. Protein synthesizes collagen and elastin fibers needed for strength and water helps to maintain moisture in the body.

In addition to specialized linen bandage and funds in the fight against such defects requires proper diet with vitamins a and E, C, protein food and at least 8 cups of water.

The ladies should regularly take a contrast shower, to massage with coconut, sesame, olive, almond oils and gogoboy. Also, enjoy the success of various oils against stretch marks, vitamin cream.

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At home you can make a wrap with laminaria and spirulina, at least 20 procedures. In addition, for nursing mothers and pregnant it is better to choose cold packs.

Растяжки на теле: как уберечь кожу от некрасивых полосок

With varicose veins, gynecological, endocrine diseases, wounds and abrasions such measures are contraindicated. In other cases, if the conduct about 20 such procedures, it is possible to eliminate not only stretching, but also cellulite and body fat.

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