Strange plane crash off the coast of Latvia

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 Strange plane crash off the coast of Latvia

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The Austrian-registered aircraft took off at 2:56 pm ET from the city of Jerez in southern Spain and, according to FlightRadar24, did not specify a specific destination. According to the German Bild, the plane was supposed to land in Cologne. There were four people on board: a pilot, a man, a woman and their daughter.

After takeoff, the pilot reported problems with cabin pressure, and then stopped communicating. During the flight, the plane turned twice, in Paris and Cologne, flew over the Baltic Sea, passing by the Swedish island of Gotland. Around 19:30, he began to rapidly lose speed and altitude. At 19:45, the plane crashed off the coast of Latvia.

According to the Swedish Aftonbladet, fighter pilots in Spain, France, Germany and Denmark tried to make contact with the plane. According to the media, the pilots could not see anyone in the cockpit, Cessna nivsalon.

At the request of the Latvian Rescue Service, a helicopter of the Swedish Coast Guard was sent to the crash site.

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