Strange miracles season 4: first teaser of the series was revealed, alive Sheriff Hopper

Дивні дива 4 сезон: перший тизер серіалу розкрив, чи живий шериф Гоппер

Jim Gober in the teaser of the series Amazing miracles 4

Strmode Netflix released a teaser for the fourth season of “the Amazing miracles” with the subtitle “From Russia with love …”. A short video not only revealed the place where events will unfold continue the tape, but also gave the answer to the main question fans of: alive Hopper?

You probably remember that the previous season of “Strange wonders” has left a lot of questions, but most fans of the story cared for survived Jim Hopper. The Sheriff and guardian of Eleven, recall, had sacrificed himself to save everyone else.

In the teaser for season 4 of the series the song “Red army is the strongest” shows a snow-covered Soviet Russia, where the prisoners build a railroad. Among them there is a familiar hero. Hopper clean – shaven, and, it seems, already contemplating an escape plan.

Watch online the trailer for Stranger Things 4:

The fourth season of “the Amazing miracles” will be the last, but will be divided into two parts. When it will be released is not yet known.

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