Story of a respectable family, previews of the last episode 24 November 2021

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Story of a respectable family, previews of the last episode 24 November 2021

The fiction Story of a decent family, set in Bari – but which actually sees many scenes shot in Monopoli – is about to reach its epilogue (at least for now, since there are already rumors of a second season). This Mediaset TV series is obtaining a flattering success in terms of ratings and therefore there are many viewers waiting for the finale, which we will witness in the evening of Wednesday 24 November.

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So here it is advances and plot of the fourth and last episode:

Fiction Story of a respectable family, previews November 24: MARIA and MICHELE meet again and she makes him a confession …

At the final exams, Maria without any problems can prove her worth. Alessandro invites her to the sea, to spend a few days in the family villa: Maria is torn, troubled by Michele’s return, but decides to follow Alessandro on the advice of her grandmother.

Meanwhile, Colonel Zarra is revolutionizing the neighborhood, trying to clean up the criminal network: first he frames a close collaborator of the Straziota family, forcing him to speak.

During her stay in the villa, Maria is forced to suffer the oppression and spite of Alessandro’s friends.

Michele, pressed by Maddalena, moves away from her and runs to Maria to warn her of the changes in the neighborhood and to tell her that he is ready to protect her at any moment. Once they meet again, Maria confesses to Michele that it was her father, Nicola Straziota, who forced her seven years earlier to give up on him, forcing her to choose between her father Antonio’s life and running away together …

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