Stormy weather expected in Israel

Stormy weather expected in Israel

After the south-west wind intensified at night, sandstorms are expected in the south of the country, and fog in the center. In the morning it will rain in the north and center of the country.

In the daytime, the bad weather will be accompanied by strong winds. Heavy rain with thunder and hail is expected. It will snow on Mount Hermon. The rain will subside at night, but it will still be cold.

Variable weather is expected in the morning. It will not rain on Friday and Saturday, it will be warmer.

Jerusalem 8-15, Tel Aviv-Jaffa 14-19, Haifa 13-17, Beer Sheva 8-18, Lod 11-19, Nazareth 11-15, Ein Gedi 16-23, Safed 8-13, Eilat 15-24, Beit She'an 13-20, Tiberias 14-20, Katzrin 10-17, Ashdod 13-19, Mitspe Ramon 9-13 and Afula 12-18.

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