Stormy rains, snow and wind: the return of winter

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 Stormy rain, snow and wind: the return of winter

This Israeli winter has certainly not done well so far in terms of rainfall, and certainly not impressive storms. The average rainfall is still less than 50% across the country. In the northern region, which is important for Israel's water economy, the deficit is most pronounced and the rainfall is only about 30%-40%.

On Sunday, January 29, as well as tomorrow morning, the weather will be sunny and dry. Changes will occur gradually, and starting from the second half of the day, the rains will begin in the northern part of the country and possibly in the east. This will coincide with a significant drop in temperature. This is the well-known winter weather system of the “Cyprus Depression” type, which will completely enter the country mainly in the late evening hours and on the night of Monday to Tuesday. Then the rain will intensify and spread from the northern region to the coastal plain, lowlands, and then to the central mountains. In addition to rain, lightning and snow are expected on Hermon. Localized floods are possible in coastal cities, with the likelihood of their intensification on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Intermittent rain in the north, center to the Beersheba line. Due to the high rainfall forecast, flooding is expected along the coastline, so be prepared to drive around on this day. Throughout the day, there is a fear of flooding in the Dead Sea, the Judean Desert and the northern Negev. From the second half of the day, the wind direction will change to the northwest, from here the rain will spread to the south, and there is a fear of floods in the central and southern Negev.

In addition to snow on Hermon, in the second half of Wednesday and especially at night colder air will come in than we have experienced so far this winter, and will bring snow to the heights of the northern Golan, and perhaps to other peaks of the northern mountains. We will be able to determine the final amount of snow in the next model updates, so it is recommended to continue to follow the forecast updates.

Closer to Thursday morning, the rain will almost completely stop, and by the end of the day it will be cold and gradually clear. During Friday, the flow of winds will again shift to the east. This heralds another dramatic change in weather expected on Saturday with a more significant winter system likely to accompany us early next week.

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