Storm, rain, snow and cold: weather forecast in Israel

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 Storm, rain, snow and cold: weather forecast in Israel< /p>

Weather in Israel this week will be rainy and thundery. There will be a significant drop in temperature, it will rain with thunderstorms. Strong winds will blow and there is a fear of flooding.

Sunday: Rain is expected from the north of the country to the northern Negev, with thunderstorms possible in the north of the country. Strong winds will blow in most regions of the country, and dust storms in the south of the country. There is a fear of flooding in the streams of the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea. Snow will fall on Hermon. The air temperature will drop significantly and will be lower than usual for this time of year. Toward evening, showers will intensify and be accompanied by thunderstorms in the center and even in the northwest of the Negev.

Monday: Showers are expected until noon, accompanied by scattered thunderstorms from the north of the country to the northern Negev, and local rains are possible in the south of the country. Fear of floods persists in the Judean Desert and in the east. Strong winds will continue to blow mainly in the south of the country and fog is still possible. From the second half of the day, the rains will weaken and gradually subside. Temperatures will continue to be below normal for this season.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy to cloudy. Small local rains are still expected. Temperatures will rise but still be slightly below normal for this season, mostly in the mountains and inland.

Wednesday: Partly cloudy to cloudy with medium to high clouds. There will be another slight increase in temperature and it will return to normal values ​​for this season.

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