Storm Barbara: several cases of trees falling on people

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 Storm "Barbara": several cases of trees falling on people < /p>

In Israel, in connection with the raging winter storm "Barbara" There have already been several cases of trees falling on people.

On Highway 581, a tree has fallen on a car. According to doctors, two passengers were successfully removed from the cabin. They were fully conscious and did not need medical attention.

In turn, on Highway 8993, four people received minor injuries. The head-on collision occurred after a tree fell on one of the cars due to a storm. The doctors who arrived at the scene provided first aid to the victims and evacuated them to the Galilee Medical Center. in Nahariya.

In Tel Mond, near Netanya, a tree fell on a child. As a result of the incident, an 11-year-old boy was seriously injured.

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