Stories of the most famous, incredible sporting events in the world

 Stories from the world's most famous, incredible sporting events

Sport is always associated with blood, sweat, pain, overcoming one's own physical and psychological barriers. That is why history knows so many events that seem incredible, but they nevertheless happened and remained forever in the memory.

Some events are taking place right now and many are watching them on TV, or you can simply BU Mostbet indir (download) to not only watch live broadcasts, but also place bets during the match. We have collected the most incredible and famous sports events that shocked the whole world.

The victory of the USSR over the USA in basketball in the final

It's no secret that the Americans are the undisputed leaders in basketball. It's one of their national games, like baseball or American football. In 1972, no one could believe that the USSR team would reach the final, where they would meet with the US team and could win a minimum victory of 1 point.

There were a lot of controversial moments in the game and even time was rolled back, but the winning ball was thrown almost across the entire court, and the Soviet Union team was declared the winner. Up to this point, the state team has not lost 63 times in a row. Unfortunately, since that moment, the USSR and
Russia have not won such high-profile victories in the “foreign” game.

Abebe Bikila wins the barefoot marathon

The Ethiopian runner began fitting his shoes just hours before the start of the 1960 Olympics. He tried on many pairs, but none of them fit. Then he decided that he would run barefoot on the hot asphalt of Rome. He courageously overcame the entire distance and came to the finish line first.

Billy Miske continued to box, being terminally ill

Billy was then only 24 years old when he learned that he was seriously ill with an incurable kidney disease. Doctors gave him no more than 5 years, then he decided to leave boxing and start selling cars. Business did not work out quickly, so he decided to return to boxing. He boxed until his death and was able to stand in the ring for another 30 fights. Before his death, he gave his wife a piano for Christmas, and after the celebration he died.

Derek Redmond reaches the finish line with an injury

Another vivid example of how, overcoming pain, athletes do everything they can to achieve their goal. In 1992 the Olympics were held in Barcelona. Derek reached the semi-finals in the 400 meters, but tore his ligaments and fell right onto the track. Anyone else would have refused to continue, but he walked to the finish line, along with his father, who rushed to support him. This is what motivation means — that's exactly what Nike thought, and subsequently filmed a motivational video with him.This story was once mentioned in the Mostbet news. It was in 2000 in Sydney at the Olympics. Eric Moussambani quite by accident got to the Olympics by quota. The problem was that many opponents were disqualified at the preliminaries due to doping, so he was left alone.

Eric's problem was that he was training without a coach, so his performance was significantly lower than his rivals. Later, the athlete said that for the first time in his life he saw a real competitive pool. Despite the fact that he reached the finish line last, he did not give up, and the stands ardently supported him.

Victory in the longest tennis match

Wimbledon» the audience met with a heated confrontation between Nicolas Mayu and John Isner. These were not the first rackets of the world, but they played 3 days, spent 11 hours on the court in total, but the athletes coped with such a load and showed everything they are capable of and their steel character.

only a small part of the most incredible events that have forever remained in history. Follow the sport, there is still a lot of interesting things ahead.

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