Stores report increase in baby food theft due to rising prices

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 Stores report increased baby food theft due to price increases

In recent months, pharmacies and grocery stores have reported an increase in the theft of baby food as high prices force parents to steal to feed their children, according to Jewish media.
< br /> This phenomenon has led many stores to remove baby products from their shelves and into storage and backroom areas.

Ohad Sandler, CEO and owner of Good Pharm, told Channel 12 that his stores “thefts have increased by 35-40 percent.”

Inflation is not limited to children's products. In recent months, Israelis have struggled to cope with rising prices across the board.

As of Monday, when gasoline prices fell, electricity prices increased by a whopping 8.6%, while state-subsidized dairy products, including milk and hard cheese, rose by 4.9%.

At least one company, importing giant Diplomat, has vowed to halt planned increases prices before the end of the Jewish holidays in October.

The Ministry of Social Welfare announced that next week, families eligible for subsidies will receive vouchers to cover the backdated cost of baby food in July, as well as to pay for groceries in August.

“With the card, they can get food delivered to their homes within three days,” — the ministry said.

Compared to other OECD countries, infant formula costs 80% more in Israel than in other member countries, according to figures released by the Knesset Committee on Labor and Welfare in December.< br />

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