Stopped heart star of “the Godfather”: Hollywood mourns

Остановилось сердце звезды "Крестного отца": Голливуд скорбит

At the age of 75 years died an American actor Carmen Argenziano,who starred in cult TV series “the Godfather”

During his career, which began in 1970, he starred in more than hundred films and TV series, reports “”.

Best known for his roles in the TV series “Stargate: SG1” the fourth season of the TV series “Dr. house” and the film “Prayer for my daughter”, “the Godfather 2” (where he played a Hitman), “Gone in 60 seconds”, “the Accused”.

Остановилось сердце звезды "Крестного отца": Голливуд скорбит

Carmen Argenziano was born 27 October 1943 in Sharon, Pennsylvania, USA. Actor known for the films “the Godfather 2”, “Godmother”, “don Juan de Marco”, “Columbo: identity Crisis”, “the Diamond policeman”, “Angels and Demons” and the TV series “Dr. house”, “er” , “Lie to me”, “Stargate: SG-1”, “the Mentalist”.

It is known that the actor left three children. Earlier it was reported that the mansion where they filmed scenes from the movie “the Godfather” for sale in the United States.

The current property owner Leonard Ross estimated the value of the home $195 million — $30 million more than in 2007. Total area of premises is about 4.5 thousand square meters and consists of 28 bedrooms and 38 bathrooms. Earlier, Ross donated the estate to rent for $600 thousand per month.

Clarifies that the house is located in Beverly hills and it was owned by William Hurst. Also the mansion known as a place where they spent their honeymoon, one of former U.S. presidents John F. Kennedy with his wife Jacqueline. In the premises of the estate they filmed scenes from the movie “the Godfather” and “the Bodyguard”.

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Остановилось сердце звезды "Крестного отца": Голливуд скорбит

On the eve of the legendary Playboy mansion to Mansion, which belonged to the founder of the men’s magazine Playboy Hugh Hefner, was sold for 100 million dollars, and the buyer was the owner of the neighbouring plot, 33-year-old investor Daren Metropolous. The representative of the investor said that Metropolis intends to consolidate its estate with the Playboy Mansion. However, Hugh Hefner got a kind of bonus to the end of his days he can live in the legendary house.

Recall the details of the attack the famous producer on the teenager.

As reported Politeka, Hollywood shook a new scandal involving harassment.

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