Stone Terror: Bnei Akiva students in Lod attacked

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 Stone terror: Bnei Akiva students in Lod were attacked

On Tuesday evening, Arab rioters stormed the Bnei Akiva branch. in Lod and pelted students with stones.

Haruts Sheva reports.

According to reports from the scene, two people were injured. One student suffered a minor head injury and was taken to the hospital. The second teenager, who received minor injuries as a result of the incident, was treated right at the scene.

The victims filed a complaint with the police about the attack.

The incident did not go unnoticed in political circles . Member of the Knesset and leader of the Otzma Yehudit Party Itamar Ben Gvir reacted to the incident and said: “The police must decisively fight the terrorists and crush them immediately. Every moment that passes damages deterrence and increases the risk of further terrorist attacks.”

Ben-Gvir emphasized, “Only a heavy hand, determination and strength in the fight against terrorism can restore deterrence and return residents to a sense of security.”

Honenu, a legal aid organization, also issued a statement: “We call on the police to take over the rioters, it is inconceivable that students from the youth movement branch in the center of the country would be attacked, injured, and the rioters left freely. The Israeli police should put the rioters behind bars.”

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