Stockinger framed in an accident! What a scandal!

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Stockinger framed in an accident! What a scandal!

A few days ago, the media reported that Tomasz Stockinger he took part in an unpleasant collision near Płock.

“Super Express” informed that the incident took place in the evening hours in the town of Bulkowo-Kolonia, where the star of “Klan” was to “collide with boars”.

The photos posted on Facebook of OSP Bulkowo were to prove this. In the description of the event, the name of the famous actor actually appeared, so the tabloids immediately combined everything into one story.

However, it was reassured that the serial doctor Lubicz did not suffer major injuries, but as many as two fire brigades and a police patrol appeared on the spot, so everything looked quite serious.

The case would probably have spread through the bones, if not for the numerous comments of Internet users under the articles about the “Stockinger collision with boars”.

It was quickly recalled that years ago the actor had already caused a car accident in which one woman suffered. It turned out that Tomasz had at that time 2 per mille of alcohol in the exhaled air. Worse, he fled the scene of the accident! The case was brought to court, and Stockinger was charged with causing an accident and driving under the influence of alcohol. The actor has repeatedly commented on this topic in the media, expressing regret and regret …

Not surprisingly, Stockinger chose to address the media revelations and denied having anything to do with the confusion, even though he was actually at the scene.

“This is not true. I do not deny that I was at the scene. I was in the area when I heard that my friend had a crash. It was his boar who jumped under the wheels. So I drove over there to help him. That’s it. No boar. I haven’t seen it with my eyes “- the actor outrages in” Your Empire “.

He also added that the information that the car was suitable only for scrapping was also not true.

“The car was only slightly damaged, it was taken by a tow truck. Nothing to talk about. It’s a pity for all these articles, unnecessary buzz was made. Nothing happened to me” – irritated Stockinger.


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