Stewed cabbage – the best recipes. How to cook and eat cabbage stew

Stewed cabbage – the General principles and methods of cooking.

Тушкована капуста - найкращі рецепти. Як правильно і смачно приготувати тушковану капусту

From this seemingly simple and inexpensive vegetable you can cook these Royal dishes. Braised cabbage is one of them. Varying the spices and additional ingredients, sometimes obtained culinary delights – delicious, nutritious, fragrant. Put out Kale can be modestly on the water, with a little oil and you can put meat, mushrooms, raisins, prunes, tomato paste, beans and other vegetables. In any case, get good. Try and pick the most favourite recipe.

Stewed cabbage – preparation products

Stew can be as fresh cabbage and sauerkraut. Fresh rinse under water, remove the top hard leaves, they usually have a greenish color. Then, if it’s whole head, it must be cut into quarters and then finely chop sticks. The head must be removed.

If sauerkraut, its sorted, large pieces finely chopped. If it is strongly acidic, it can be rinsed in water. But along with the water from the cabbage will take a large amount of vitamin C. Therefore it is better to take the cabbage optimal clost to not have to soak and rinse. To balance the acid level will help teaspoon of sugar added to the pot, where the dish is prepared.

Stewed cabbage – the best recipes

Recipe 1: Stewed cabbage

Тушкована капуста - найкращі рецепти. Як правильно і смачно приготувати тушковану капусту

A very simple recipe, it can prepare even novice mistress. The amount of cabbage should be taken, based on the volume of the cauldron, where it will be extinguished and the number of consumers. On average, you can take one small head or half a large weight that goes 1-1,5 kg. Even if it seems that sliced the cabbage too much, while fighting it will let the juice and settles, i.e. decrease in volume. Cabbage is better to take late varieties, i.e. autumn harvest. Besides salt and pepper put to taste of dried dill, parsley and Bay leaf. Some people like more fresh cabbage, then simmer it should be without adding tomato paste.

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Ingredients: head of cabbage, 2-3 medium onions, 50-70g tomato paste, oil for frying, pepper and salt.

Method of preparation

Shred cabbage thin strips, onion – half rings. In the cauldron with hot oil fry the onion, then the tomato paste and add the cabbage. Slightly fry it, stirring with tomato and onion, add half Cup of hot water. When the mixture comes to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer the cabbage until soft. It will take 30-40 minutes. Ten minutes before the end of stewing the cabbage pepper and salt.

Recipe 2: Braised cabbage with chicken

Тушкована капуста - найкращі рецепти. Як правильно і смачно приготувати тушковану капусту

The dish is prepared rather quickly, so it is quite possible to have time to prepare for the arrival of her husband from work. Cabbage is very juicy and tender, and combined with chicken meat turns out all perfectly. This recipe without the addition of onions, but those who can not imagine cooking meat and cabbage without onions, can of course add. In this case, pre-fry it before you add the meat. If you want to put whole pieces of chicken, before you add the cabbage, they need to bring to soft – good fry or saute.

Ingredients: cabbage 1-1. 5 kg, 0.5 kg of chicken (breast fillet or a few chicken legs), a couple tablespoons of tomato paste, salt, pepper, vegetable oil.

Method of preparation

Cut the meat into large pieces. If it’s legs, then he needed to cut the meat separating from the bones. For preparation, you can take a frying pan, cauldron or thick-walled dishes. Put in meat and fry about four minutes to on all sides white.

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Add sliced thin strips of cabbage, mix and cook under cover for 20 minutes. If the cabbage prioritise, you can pour a little water from the kettle. Pepper, salt, add tomatopaste and stir. Leave to simmer for another 20 minutes so the cabbage is very soft. With this cabbage goes well mashed potatoes or simply boiled potatoes.

Recipe 3: Braised cabbage with prunes

Тушкована капуста - найкращі рецепти. Як правильно і смачно приготувати тушковану капусту

Delicious braised cabbage with the scent of smoke. Spicy flavor to the dish gives prunes. If it is dry, it should be for 10 minutes to dissolve, i.e. pour boiling water. The taste was more spicy and richer flavor, you need to buy smoked prunes. If you want the dish to be lean, the meat from a recipe can be deleted.

Ingredients: cabbage – 1-1,5 kg, 200-300g chicken breast or fillet, one carrot, the onion, 150g of smoked prunes, pitted (not full glass), tomato paste 2-3 tablespoons, salt-pepper to taste, few leaves of Bay leaves and vegetable oil.

Method of preparation

Slice the meat in cubes-cubes and fry it. Then add alternately, a little fried, onion half rings, grated carrot, chopped fine julienne cabbage. Pour about a Cup of boiling water and medium heat simmer for 15 minutes. Open the lid and add the tomato paste and prunes. Pour about a Cup of boiling water, stir, place the Bay leaves, salt and pepper. Cover close, and simmer 15 minutes until tender.

Recipe 4: Steamed sauerkraut

Тушкована капуста - найкращі рецепти. Як правильно і смачно приготувати тушковану капусту

Sour taste of pickled cabbage in perfect harmony with any meat, so it is considered the traditional side dish to many meat dishes. This recipe is borrowed from Latvian cuisine. Cabbage turns out well, very tasty. The secret is simple – you need lots and lots of carrots. And it definitely rubs on a small grater. You can, of course, and coarsely grate, but in the original it is fine.

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Ingredients: 1 kg of cabbage, 0.6 kg of carrots, 3 onions, vegetable oil or fat (any – pork, chicken), one or two teaspoons of cumin.

Method of preparation

Onions finely chop and lightly fry, add grated carrots and then them a little bit together. Then put the sauerkraut and cover with water – approximately the level of the layer of cabbage. Leave to stew until ready.

After about half an hour add the cumin and continue to simmer until soft. Especially tasty it turns out cabbage, cooked in lard.

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