Stevenson – Carnations: canadian voiced their concerns

Стивенсон - Гвоздик: канадец озвучил свои опасения

Fight Stevenson — Nailsto be held on December 1 in Quebec city (Canada)

Ukrainian boxer Alexander Gvozdik, a temporary world champion in the light heavyweight division by the WBC, will fight against Adonis Stevenson. On the line of battle will be a world title belt by the WBC, now owned by the canadian.

Stevenson spoke about his expectations from the fight, and are called the strengths of the Ukrainians:

Стивенсон - Гвоздик: канадец озвучил свои опасения

“A stud is a young and athletic guy, who really has the desire to win. I know he is very hungry and wants to take my place. I used to be in these situations. Any boxer who enters the ring against me, motivated and wants to win me, as I’m No. 1. The advantages of Carnation – strength, athleticism, defense and growth. He is also bronze medalist of the Olympic games, but I used to fight with young and big guys. I really want to have to go with him to the ring.”

Стивенсон - Гвоздик: канадец озвучил свои опасения

The Ukrainians decided on a desperate measure because of the “EuroBLECH”: Change the BMW to Lada

Recall that Adonis is confident that he can defeat the Ukrainian to defend his title.

“My fight will be held on 1 December in Quebec. I fight with Alex Carnations. The fight will be interesting. Do not missed, is a knockout. Good that he has a new trainer, Teddy Atlas, but for me it doesn’t matter.

My secret is that I stay focused. I don’t pay attention to people who are talking nonsense. I do my thing, train hard, always do their job. There’s always a Hayter and good people.”

Стивенсон - Гвоздик: канадец озвучил свои опасения

As previously reported, canadian works under supervision of the trainer Javan hill, nephew of the great Emanuel Steward, who trained Wladimir Klitschko. Coach Stevenson said that watched a lot of fights with the participation of Cloves, and stated that his client will send the Ukrainian out.

“Adonis, everything is fine. Works trains. Next week I go to him in Canada. Watched in Carnation. One or two fights. I won’t need to. I learned from Emanuel. In order to learn everything about the upcoming opponent, it was enough to see only 2-3 rounds.

We will remind, fury suddenly improved its position in the ranking of the WBC.

As reported Politeka, Tyson fury, said: I can fight even Wilder for free.

Also Politeka wrote that the British called the condition under which the battle of the Wilder — fury can be expected.

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