Stéphane Lager takes third place in the final of “Dancing with the Stars” in France

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 Stéphane Lager took third place in the final of Dancing with the Stars in France

Stefan Lager took third place in the final of “Dancing with the Stars” in France
After a long and arduous journey that included an injury to his dance partner, Stéphane Leger took third and honorable place in the French version of the reality show.

“People who come to watch the program in the studio, they tell me in Hebrew: “Stefan Shalom, thank you very much,” he said in an interview with the Mako portal about his impressions of filming.

The Israeli singer and dancer completed a long and the honorable way he did in “Dancing with the Stars” in France, and took third place in the final of the program, along with dancer Callison Guadoa. Stefan and Callison's final performance was to the song Jerusalema dance challenge by the South African band Ndlovu Youth Choir.

participation in the program: “I have to note the good attitude of the French, good energy, as I expected. They support me and are very interested in the entire Israeli section. They ask a lot of questions and are very nice.”

According to him, he has not encountered any anti-Israel hostility: “In fact, it's the opposite,” he explains, “although it's easier to understand on the Internet, but since I've been here I haven't seen a single pro-Palestinian reaction or anything anti-Semitic. I think that people have a different image in their heads, and I carry a different image that they do not expect, so it is automatically easier for them to become interested and be kind”.

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